For thousands of years it grew in solitude, sheltered by an outcropping of hills amid a desolated desert. A wandering trader heard whispers of this mythical tree. He searched and found it. He collected and imprisoned all the mobs he could find and drove his own kind into the wind.

- 2 skins included
- Find a hidden treasure
- Locate all the trader's captured mobs

Your doom has begun in a hidden valley filled with traps, deadly water, exploding bridges, and grass that kills. Attempt an endless race against a doombeast, all you can do is run. Don’t let it catch you.

- Race against a doombeast
- The timer shows your current run time and previous time
- Watch out for spikes, arrows, and exploding bridges

- 3 skins included

The world has been shattered, the cause unknown. Pieces of your past life drift around you, broken and cracked patches of earth. The shop you used to visit. Your favorite football field, your classroom. Your life shattered. Find the blocks, build the monument and reap the rewards.

- Build the monument mechanics with a skyblock twist
- 2 skins included

An unnamed interdimensional exploration ship vanished on its maiden voyage. It was never seen again. All crew presumed missing or dead. In the desert villages, there are whispers of strange noises and lights in the sky. Find and claim the ship as your own.

- Trophy room & Map room
- Spawner deck and XP grinder
- Auto smelting, brewing, and cooking
- 2 skins included

What could possibly make skyblock more exciting? CHICKENS! Yes chickens and not just ordinary chickens, giant mine-able chickens, aggressive chicken mobs & player sized chickens with rubber chicken bows. While we're at it, let's make cows fly!
- 2 complimentary skins
- Roll on the floor laughing each time you fire an arrow
- Laugh at your friends trying to catch a cow

In the desolate barrens of the badlands, an ancient portal rises majestically into the dry scorched sky. Guarded by a dragon in the overworld and a Kraken in the Nether. Claim this portal as your own and explore the bountiful Nether.
- 2 skin included

Built by an escaped Piglin architect, this modern lava base lies in the depths of a volcano.

- Areas include but are not limited to potions, enchanting, leatherworking and various crops.
- 2 skins included, lava and magma
- Hidden tropical area inside the hollowed-out mountain